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How It Works......

1.   Pay $30 registration fee thru Zelle or cash app     


        cash app: $AudreySalaJeterAllen)

       and send your email address                                                to

2.   Add Paint and Sip date reminder to your calendar

3.   Look for your email with Stencil,  stencil

       instructions,  supplies list, and zoom link.

 4.  Purchase your supplies at Michaels, Amazon,     

       Walmart, etc.   (budget for supplies $10 or less,

       and you will have brushes and paint for

       many Paint and Sip events to come!)

4.   Arrange a place to paint in your home space

       (with  snacks and drinks if you like!).

5.   Log onto the zoom link provided.

6.   Participate and Enjoy!!

What folks are 
saying about Art By Sala Paint and Sip Events.....

  • Easy and fun!

  • Great fun! Great instruction!

  • I'll be back for more!

  •  I was so amazed and pleased with the artwork I created!

  • My family was so impressed with my painting!

  •  Sala made it easy and fun!

  •  Didn't know I could be so creative!

  •  I felt so at ease with the process!

  •  Fun relaxed atmosphere! I enjoyed myself!

  •  Worth every penny! I'll be back every month

  •  I didn't know a virtual paint and sip could be so much fun!

  • I highly recommend Sala's Paint and Sip Events!

  •  I love the painting I created!

  •  Not only loved the image we painted, but learned some things as well!

  •  Loved the open relaxed atmosphere, got all my questions answered.

  •  Felt comfortable with the artist instructor guiding me thru to become a satisfied participant



                                               Become More Creative: 

You may have gone years without really flexing your creative muscles. Painting literally works different parts of your brain than other activities do. It works your creative skills, expanding new areas of your brain. Art By Sala Paint and Sip classes can change the way you think!

Unleashing your creativity allows you to expand your abilities and gain self-confidence. The joy of painting comes less from the quality of the painting and more from the satisfaction of creating something amazing yourself. And you get the extra added bonus of creating a piece of art you can hang in your home!

                     Channel your Inner Artist and increase self confidence

Anyone can be an artist. Art is subjective. Even if you’ve never painted before, your painting is meaningful to you. Everyone has an inner artist!

Creating a painting helps improve your ability to concentrate and persevere through new challenges. Taking on a new painting can feel scary at first, but it’s a highly gratifying experience that will have you wanting more.

Some people are self-conscious about their artistic abilities. Art By Sala Paint and Sip classes are designed to be enjoyed by people of all experience levels. Art By Sala paint and Sip events provide a welcoming, non-judgmental atmosphere.

 Participants are led through each step. If you can follow a recipe, you can paint something beautiful!


                            There are also Therapeutic Benefits
Experts have discovered the therapeutic benefits of art. Painting is incredibly relaxing and can help reduce your stress levels.

Whether you want to meet new people or just paint by yourself, Art By Sala virtual paint and sip classes are always welcoming and entertaining.

Art By Sala Virtual Paint and Sip Events let you reconnect with friends while experiencing a new skill. You are doing something productive while chatting with friends. Or just enjoy the sipping - that’s okay too!

Those who attend Art By Sala Paint and Sip classes alone often find it easy to make new friends, while those who attend with friends strengthen their existing relationship.

                                                   Listen to Tunes

Art By Sala  Virtual Paint and Sip class parties are jam-packed with musical entertainment. You get 2 hours of great music. Our musical curator Barbara Brown Gathers provides the best in R&B, soul, neo soul, jazz and everything in between

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